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Apollo AV-2 Underwater Scooter

  Shock Resistant ABS Resin Body
  DC Brushless Motor
  Reduction Planet Gears
Outer dimensions
  720mm - 340mm
Submerged unit Weight
Normal Capacity
  10Ah - DC24V
Continuous duration of cruise
  60 minutes
Average cruising range
  3600m - 4000m
Speed contorol
  Progressive Acceleration System
  Three Speed Variable Pitch Propeller
Safety device
  Thermal Switch Protection
  Automatically Shuts Off If Overheating Occurs
Battery life indicator
  Three LED light Gauge
Depth rated
With Scooter saddle

(Complete With As Standard)

Battery Options
  Switchable Lead-Acid Battery and Ni-MH Battery
Standard Battery
  Lead-Acid Battery
Battery charger
  (Complete With As Standard)


Speed control
Rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and allows for easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions. When the main switch is turned on, the L.E.D. battery life indicators lights up, and then by pulling the speed control lever up you are able to adjust the speed to 8 different levels.  As a guide, MIN to level 3 is slow or for deceleration and level 4 to MAX is for diving.

L.E.D. battery life indicator
The AV-2 has a L.E.D. battery life indicator on the top cover that allows the diver to easily see the remaining battery life.

When the battery is full all three colors light up. Only the red light shows when the battery life is low.

3 Speed adjustment - Propeller pitch assembly
Additionally it is possible to easily vary the propellers angle or pitch, which allows for even more  fine-tuning of the scooters speed to the individual divers needs.


The Wings
By using the Wings it's now possible to pull 2 more divers with the av-2 scooter.  The diver's different physiques  when holding onto the wings have virtually no effect on the scooters performance.  The speed and distance with 3 men diving are almost the same as using the scooter solo without a saddle

Travel at top speed. Coast by your dive buddies twisting and turning like a dolphin. Literally dive circles around them. The hands free riding saddle helps you move like you were born to dive. steering is achieved through body positioning. A built-in arm extends trigger switch access forward for a more convenient placement. Both hands are free to extend like an airplane or maybe just to hold cameras, lights, and other accessories essential to your dive. More than just a fun ride. There are many practical reasons for saddle use. Use of an underwater vehicle in general can reduce your air consumption by up to 50%. The saddle places you and the vehicle in a more streamlined position.

Being dragged long distances creates excessive muscular fatigue in the arms.  Furthermore, riding behind a scooter creates resistance and reduces the efficiency of the propeller blades.  Riding horizontally in front of the scooter streamlines the body and scooter, reducing drag and dramatically improving both speed and distance traveled on a single battery charge.  In addition, both hands are free for carrying lights, cameras or other underwater equipment.

Apollo AV-1 Underwater Scooter
(No Longer Available/Spares ONLY))

The AV-1 scooter allows you to swim like a dolphin and get a new unique perspective of our underwater world. Navigate the perimeter of a wreck, dive those sites from shore previously unreachable, or visit multiple dive sites during the same dive. Let the AV-1 expand your underwater horizons.

The AV-1 Underwater Vehicle has been manufactured for over 15 years and has proven to be one of the most reliable in the world. Three propeller speeds make it easy to adjust your rate of progress. As as additional safeguard the clutch disengages automatically if any foreign matter becomes entangled. The power switch is placed for easy reach; a switch lock prevents accidental starting during transport or any other time.

* 40 lbs. at surface, 1.5 lbs. underwater
* 3 speed selections
* top speed up to 2.4 mph
* maximum warrantee depth 70 metres.
* maximum thrust up to 40lbs.
* maximum burn time up to 1 hour
* recharge time of 5 to 9 hours
* includes one sealed rechargeable 12 volt/24 amp battery
* spare battery available
* includes one duel voltage charger
* thermal sensor auto shut off at excessive internal motor temperature
* water leak sensor auto shut off switch
* lock protection mode power switch
* auto slip clutch in case of propeller obstruction
* 3 part body construction (separate compartments for motor, clutch, battery)

Divers have been riding hands free for decades.

New optional saddle makes riding hands-free easier. Steering is achieved through body positioning. Extension arm moves trigger access forward for less effort. Hands are free to handle lights, cameras, and other gear. The streamlines riding style increases speed and reduces air consumption by allowing a diver to ride in the slip stream significantly reducing turbulence.

Apollo Scooter Saddle Attachment

Apollo Scooter Oral Inflation BCD/Jacket Attachment

Apollo Scooter Navigation Console Attachment

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